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CPA Training

Certificate of good performanceThe Certified Public Accountant (CPA) qualification is one of the most advanced learning and professional development programs available in accounting profession. It enhance your existing skills and knowledge obtained through the university and other qualification.

The CPA is valued and recognized throughout the world in practice, business and government. Holding a CPA qualification is a guarantee of your professional competence and financial intelligence, and gives you the work experience and skills the business world demands. In Tanzania, CPA is administered by National Board of Accountants and Auditors (NBAA).

The CPA provides full recognition within the accountancy and finance profession across the country

Who can study for the CPA?

Members of the National Board of Accountants and Auditors (NBAA) who have obtained membership by complying with its training and examinations requirements can study for the CPA examinations.

Where do I go for CPA training in Tanzania?

Cornerstone is a registered training institution offering business and professional studies including CPA, CBP etc. Candidates who desire to have a successful journey in CPA exams should join Cornerstone Financial Consultants. It’s a consultancy and training firm with wide base of qualified and experienced trainers. Cornerstone is known for its excellence that has been demonstrated over years through consistent performance. Major tuition centers are located at Mwenge ITV and Posta YMCA building opposite to Holiday Inn Hotels. There are specific designed weekend and weekday program suited for both employees and full time students.

Steps to completing your CPA training

Step 1: Register with NBAA

Step 2: Join Cornerstone for CPA class reviews (register online through online registration link on the home page or CPA training drop down)

Step 3:  Sit for exams

Step 4: Practical work experience

Step 5: Professional development

Step 6: Apply for NBAA membership


About Cornerstone

Cornerstone Financial Consultants is a consultancy firm providing professional services on areas of training, accounting & Auditing, finances, taxation and management consulting. It also offers training services to management and staffs depending on organisational needs.

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